What Star Wars Character are you ?

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What is your personality like in Star Wars.

  1. Who are you ?

    • You are the son of a big villan
    • You are a Princess
    • You were a mentor
    • You have a big tongue
    • You are small
    • You have a lot of brothers
  2. Who are you ?

    • You are a bit silly
    • You fighted for the good but then for the bad
    • You have sharp ears
    • Your master died
    • You had a blue light saber but then went to a green light saber
    • You were a sclave
  3. Who are you ?

    • You have hair that look like wheals
    • You are in a army
    • You have small eyes
    • You rescued your dad
    • You have a green skin color
    • You have ginger hair
  4. Who are you ?

    • Your mother died
    • You are in a army
    • You have laser pistol
    • You have a blue light saber
    • You have laser gun
    • You gramar is bad
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