Which sidekick are you?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the student and not the master? Well, holy-moly let's find out what best suits you!

  1. Let's start easy, what's your favourite colour?

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Grey
    • Don't mind
  2. If your hero was being attacked, what would you do?

    • Hack into local surveillance and give him vital info on his enemies
    • Jump in and fight with him!
    • Take a snapshot of the action before trying to find an answer
    • run. run, and keep running
    • Think tactically and find the smart approach
    • Look for a distraction and use it to your advantage
  3. Your hero wants you to go get takeout, how do you get there?

    • You run as fast as you can
    • You wait for the soonest bus to arrive
    • You bounce and backflip across rooftops like in a circus
    • You already got the food before they asked
    • You just fly over
    • Grab a bike and Vrooom! away
  4. What's your favourite weapon?

    • A kodak camera
    • Minigun
    • A smartphone
    • Jogging shoes
    • A good old fashioned pistol
    • Bo-Staff
  5. What is your biggest problem with your hero?

    • He doesn't respect my abilties
    • He treats me like a kid
    • He never gives me a good shot
    • He doesn't love me the same way
    • He won't give me any space
    • He's faster than me
  6. Lastly, what is your favourite pastime?

    • Hacking into the national criminal database
    • Working on my broken arm
    • Pizza and video games
    • Training hard like I was thought
    • Going for a quick flight to clear my head
    • Spending all night in a dark room processing those pics!
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