Which Batman Villain Are You?

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Take this quiz to find out if your Batman's enemy or just a lowlife thug....

  1. Who played Batman the best?

    • Adam West!
    • Christian Bale!
    • The old serials were the best!
    • Psh...I think Ben Affleck will be the best!
    • Val Kilmer!
    • Michael Keaton!
    • George Clooney! Oh, and those bat-nipples!?
  2. Batman needs help defeating someone, who helps him?

    • Redhood!
    • Nightwing!
    • Psh..I don't need help, I'm freaking Batman!
    • My mom...
    • Bat-girl!
    • Robin!
    • Justice League...(or someone from it)
  3. Whats your weapon of choice?

    • I don't need a weapon, I'm sneaky..
    • My FISTS!!!
    • I have a nice pistol...but my gang does most of the work.
    • My mad skills...
    • Freeze ray!!!
    • An umbrella...I mean I've got hundreds with different abilities!
    • Plants...Nature gets its revenge..
  4. Whats a nice night out?

    • Going to the bar, drinking, and playing poker with my friends.
    • Shopping!!
    • I like to go to the freezer..its nice in there man!
    • Gardening.
    • STRIPCLUB!!!
    • Nothing! Absolutely Nothing!! Stuff, but I'm not saying.
    • Weight lifting...working out..You know, I gotta stay fit!
  5. Favorite movie genre?

    • Something having to do with the outdoors!
    • I like a nice suspense!
    • Anything with nudity!
    • Comedy!
    • Horror...I like the blood and the scare!
    • A good romance!
    • Drama!
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