Which 'The Office' Character Are You?

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Are you the classic prankster like Jim Halpert, or are you the dominating nerdy type like Dwight Schrute?

  1. Your boss gives you a project to do. How do you complete the project?

    • As creatively as I can.
    • A basic Powerpoint Presentation.
    • Quickly and with determination.
    • Skim through it easily, with not too much effort.
    • Just throw something together real quick.
    • Bright lights, music, and whatever it takes for the project to draw attention.
    • Find a friend and ask them to help.
  2. What is your idea of a perfect summer?

    • Taking a trip to the beach to go swimming.
    • Traveling somewhere exotic and exciting.
    • Going to parties and hanging out with friends.
    • Attending a concert of your favorite band.
    • Binge-watching Netflix and playing video games.
    • Just hanging out around the house.
    • Anything as long as it's with someone you love.
  3. Your friend is throwing a party! What do you do?

    • Show up for a short while, then leave once people know you were there.
    • Stay home and watch TV. You're not a big fan of crowds.
    • It really depends on whether you have the time.
    • You'll probably go, but against your will.
    • Arrive on time and ready to party!
    • Bring a guitar and become the life of the party.
    • Show up early to help set up for the party.
  4. You have some spare time on the weekend. How do you spend it?

    • Go out with some friends.
    • Learning a new song on the piano.
    • Relaxing, and waiting for work to start again.
    • Drawing, painting, sketching, and other artsy stuff.
    • Learning magic tricks.
    • Working outside. Your work is never done.
    • Plan your next devious plot.
  5. How would your friends describe you?

    • Friendly
    • Funny
    • Strong
    • Arrogant
    • Pretentious
    • Outgoing
    • Determined
  6. You're on a date, and you're trying to woo your partner. How?

    • Write her a poem.
    • Make jokes, and make your partner laugh.
    • Act really confident and aggressive.
    • Just be yourself.
    • Casual flirting.
    • Brag about your intelligence.
    • Sing her a love song.
  7. What animal do you prefer?

    • Panther
    • Dog
    • Bear
    • Cat
    • Bird
    • Monkey
    • Fish
  8. Who is your favorite Office character?

    • Daryl Philbin
    • Ryan Howard
    • Andy Bernard
    • Michael Scott
    • Pam Beesley
    • Dwight Schrute
    • Jim Halpert
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