Which American Horror Story Season Should You Be In?

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Figure out which season you are supposed to in!

  1. What are you most afraid of?

    • Clowns
    • Spiders and Snakes
    • Doctors
    • Ghosts
  2. What would most likely be your last meal?

    • Southern Food
    • Prison Food
    • Slop
    • Home Cooked
  3. What is the most likely way you will die?

    • Freak Accident
    • Black Magic
    • Murder
    • Insanity
  4. What type of relationship do you prefer?

    • Odd Family
    • Professional
    • Generic Family
    • Strong Friend Group
  5. If stuck in a room, what would you not want in the room?

    • A Man in a Latex Bondage Suit
    • A Minotaur
    • Murderous Clown
    • Insane Psychiatrist
  6. What type of authority figure would you be?

    • Warden
    • Headmaster
    • Mother of all children
    • Head of the House
  7. Which time era do you prefer to live in?

    • Present Day
    • 90's
    • 60's
    • 50's
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