What kind of hero are you?

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Take this test, and you shall see the type of hero that you will be.

  1. Whats your motive?

    • Ur dad/mom is a very powerful alien in which you inherited powers from
    • You volunteered for a painful science operation and decided to use your powers for good
    • U found an object and It made you a god
    • You have lots of cash and want to spend some of it
    • Ur a kid that got envolved in a toxic accident
  2. Whats your superpower/ability

    • Laser Eyes
    • Super Speed
    • Money and Power
    • Omnipotence
    • Fire Breathing
    • Peak Human Statistics
    • Super Strength
  3. Whats your suit made of

    • I dont need a suit
    • Titanium
    • Steel
    • Bulletproof Materials
    • Metal
    • Latex or Rubber
  4. Transportation

    • Running
    • Your too lazy, to use ur powers
    • Walking
    • Teleportation
    • Driving a cool badass car
Your result:
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