What Dragonball Z Villain are you?

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Have you ever wondered what DragonBall z villain suits you? well then take this quiz of 9 questions and see who you get.You can get 6 villains of every saga.Enjoy! :)

  1. Are you Loyal to your friends?

    • Yes! i'm as loyal as i can be!
    • Depends on what mood i'm in
    • No,not so much...
  2. How do you react when you are in anger?

    • Try as hard as i can to calm myself although sometimes it does'int work
    • Go ape i don't care,i don't care why or what i'll just do it.
    • I try to calm myself down.
  3. You have just seen your best friend get beaten up what do you do?

    • Go after the attacker and beat him until he's barely alive
    • Try to settle down the fight.
    • Settle with the attacker then go towards my friend.
  4. Are you what many people consider stubborn or arrogant?

    • Heck no! i'm a friendly outgoing person.
    • Of course! im like Laurence Fishburne!
    • Sometimes,yea but only if i'm in a bad mood
  5. You are attacked by a group of strangers.What do you do?

    • Fight them by myself.I want to go out in a prideful way
    • Run there probably fat there slow.
    • Yell for help or settle down the fight.
  6. What is your fav. Dragonball z villain?

    • Frieza
    • Ginyu Force.
    • Cell
    • Vegeta
    • Raditz
    • Buu
  7. If you could do any dbz move what would it be?

    • Neo Tri Beam
    • Special Beam Cannon
    • Kamehameha
    • Galick gun
    • Ki Blast cannon
    • Final Flash
    • Death Beam
  8. How do you make people suffer?

    • Crush them like a tiny bug
    • tie them up and beat them to a inch of their life.
    • Beat them to a pulp until there barely alive then walk away
  9. Final Question! How do you react when your family has been killed or kidnapped

    • Go Berserk mode and track down the murder and destroy him.
    • Call 9-11 then find something to entertain myself
    • Destroy every single cell of their's then burn their bodies
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