What Batman villain are you?

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Let's see who you'd be in the dark alleys of Gotham

  1. What's your weapon of choice?

    • My Arsenal!
    • My Insanity!
    • My Chemicals!
    • My Money!
    • My Intelligence!
  2. What's the emotion that defines you?

    • Scared
    • Rich
    • Sad
    • Craaazy!
    • Angry
  3. What's your motive?

    • Justice and Chaos!
    • To prove my intelligence!
    • Fear!
    • To have a little fun!
    • To buy Gotham's trust!
  4. What is your HQ?

    • The Abandoned Labs under Arkham!
    • Anywhere around Gotham that's Enigmatic is fine by me!
    • My lovely Lounge deep within Gotham city!
    • A lovely-devilish building full of Sugar and Spice!
    • The Gotham Steel Mill!
Your result:
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