The Reploid You, Revealed!

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Which Maverick Hunter are you? If you were a Reploid Robot or something more in the Mega Man future of 21XX who would -you- be? Hero or Villain? Compatriot or Traitor? Dissenter or Survivor?

Answer the questions below to determine who you would most likely be in the outbreak of The Maverick Wars!

  1. Headgear?

    • I'm partial to blue, white and some gold.
    • Red.
    • Cool, but busy. (Hope it distracts from my scar . . . )
    • I -am- my helmet. (So very Mandalorian . . . Yes!)
    • Crazy-cool metal hair that partially impairs my vision.
    • A mane - no, horns! - no, bladed mandibles! - no, face mounted laser tusks!!! . . .
    • Robot hair? Or a helmet. Certainly not both.
    • Bald is beautiful.
    • Color coordinated helmet AND robot hair.
    • Hats with insignias!
  2. Have you ever had a dog?

    • You are all 'dogs'!
    • What's a "dog"?
    • Dogs? Dogs! -- Is it a rescue or a hunt?
    • We use them to hunt fugitives. And refugees.
    • Maybe, when I was a lot younger.
    • I am a dog!
    • Yes. He was vicious, served me well. And then was destroyed. . . something in my eye.
    • I had a pet Ride Armor, Goliath. That count?
    • No.
    • No need. I'm already a great Hunter.
  3. How do you feel about armor upgrades?

    • I think I changed shoulder armor, once.
    • I can look like whatever I want, when I want.
    • Cloven hooves! Laser claws! Shell armor!
    • Battle skirt add-ons and emblem pieces!
    • Not really my thing, I stick with what i have.
    • Cool! And, necessary . . .
    • I'm lost, help me.
    • Armor? I switch whole bodies at a time.
    • Panels! Glowing Wings! Giant Chest crystal!
    • Only if I "Die." Then I fully change my armor color and add more missile launchers.
  4. Do you feel in your circuits that you may have lived before?

    • I live for tomorrow.
    • Before I was fully activated? Possibly. . . a gentle voice . . .
    • I know I've died, but I'm always me when I come back -- and that should scare you.
    • What? No! It's the now that matters, focus.
    • The future is all that matters. The future, and my plans for it. For now I'll play my part.
    • Philosophy!? Talk to me when the war is over!
    • I'm just trying to live right now! Save me!
    • My past is a dark place I don't go . . . Yes.
    • I was something else once. . . it's all different now. I have new purpose. Kill all humans!!!
    • I have someone else's memories, from long ago, but I have never died, and I never will!
  5. How Evil are you?

    • End the Maverick menace! Hunters? Humans? Expendable.
    • Oh, very - almost completely.
    • I choose to fight evil, in all its forms.
    • I resist evil at every turn, it's exhausting.
    • I used to be.
    • Evil? I'm bat-$#*% crazy!
    • Not big evil, more a hands-on personal evil.
    • I feel compelled evil consumes me even now.
    • Not at all.
    • I'm awesome, not evil.
  6. New area, do you need advice?

    • Just boss info.
    • Any secrets I can reach?
    • Jamming your signal, -- now.
    • A clear sensor view of what's ahead would help.
    • That's why I signaled you.
    • Oh! That would have been helpful -- BEFORE I got stuck here! Spikes, deep pits . . .
    • This whole place is already MINE!
    • How did you get this wavelength?! Disconnect or I'll hunt you down and destroy you! - - Already triangulating . . .
    • No!
    • I have my own scouts, thank you.
  7. Maverick Masters have arrived! What do you do?

    • Make them bow to me... but not in public.
    • Keep tabs on them and wait for back-up.
    • Good thing they're punctual, I sent for them.
    • Power up and take aim!
    • Put my superior skills to the test!
    • Join them and report in.
    • Hide.
    • Call for reinforcements and wipe them out!
    • Welcome them as equals? I pull rank!!
    • They won't know what hit them!
  8. The big 3 are out of Operator range and a group of human refugees needs rescue, what do you do?

    • Humans!? Attack!! Launch nukes!!! Crash a #$%^n' Space Station into them !!!!!
    • Mount a rescue and report in to base!
    • Heh, pick them off one at a time, make a game of it, then hold the last few hostage until the goodie-goodies show up.
    • Aid them quickly and ease them back to health, house them in modern luxury housing -- then convince their toasters to attack them!!! Mwahahahahaaa!
    • Call for reinforcements and wipe them out!
    • Capture them and take over the area before the Hunters can respond.
    • -They- need saving? What about me!?
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