Are You A Hunter Or A Firefly?

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Find out which faction from The Last Of Us fits you better.

  1. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

    • I would make sure I got enough supplies.
    • I would shoot anything that moves.
    • I would stick to my group to survive.
    • I won't survive if I don't have any food or drink.
    • I would carry many weapons.
    • I would kill anyone I don't trust.
  2. What is your zombie survival weapon of choice?

    • Katana.
    • Crossbow.
    • Other (comment)
    • A shotgun.
    • A silenced rifle.
    • Body armor and a 9mm pistol.
  3. You see a hoard of zombies heading to you. What do you do?

    • Hide until they are gone.
    • I'l leave a bloody mess.
    • Run away. It's the only option.
    • Stop whatever I'm doing and get away.
    • They don't stand a chance. I have guns.
    • Try to take out as many as I can.
  4. Do you prefer guns or melee weapons?

    • Melee weapons don't need reloading or ammo so I got to go with melee weapons.
    • Guns are super-lethal and when I have enough ammo and a silencer, you gotta have guns.
  5. What food are you hoping to find while searching for supplies?

    • Caned food.
    • Fish.
    • Anything. I'm starving.
    • Something I can hunt and catch.
  6. A bunch of guys attack your base and try to take your stuff. What do you do?

    • They're dead if they touch me or my stuff.
    • I call for backup.
    • Fight back. Then I take their stuff.
    • I will do whatever I can to keep them away from my base.
  7. And the final question: The Last Of Us or Uncharted. Which is better?

    • Uncharted. That's just classic.
    • I haven't played them yet.
    • I can't choose.
    • The Last Of Us all the way.
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