Star Wars: What Kind of Droid Are You?

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While you may think of Star Wars mainly as the movie with Jedi and Sith, the droids of the movies are central parts of the saga's storyline. There are so many droids on the many planets of Star Wars, each with their own functions and personalities. Which one most fits you?

  1. How would you do in a fight?

    • *GONK*
    • I would lose terribly. I don't have much combat experience
    • I would destroy my opponent. They don't even stand a chance
    • I can defend myself well enough. I'm scrappy
    • I would do decently, but I am not assured of my success
    • I'm a pacifist. I don't believe in fighting
  2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    • Work with computers and other machines
    • Go hunting
    • Play games with friends
    • Find something new to fix
    • Sit down with a good book
    • *GONK*
  3. Do you get along with humans?

    • I'm very familiar with their behavior.
    • *GONK*
    • They love me, and I love them
    • Not at all. They detest me
    • Of course. They often depend on me to get jobs done
    • I do if I have to, though I prefer to keep my distance
  4. How do you feel about flying?

    • *GONK*
    • Dangerous, yet necessary.
    • I love flying! It's so much fun
    • I prefer to keep my feet on the ground
    • I've never had the opportunity
    • I don't really have a problem with it
  5. Are you the hero of the story?

    • I've never cared much for the hero types
    • *GONK*
    • Of course! Was there ever any doubt?
    • I'm more of the lovable side-kick type
    • I'm very much the opposite of the hero
    • I help as much as I can, but I wouldn't consider myself the hero
  6. Do you typically agree with others?

    • It depends on whether the people are right or not
    • I'm quite stubborn, so I tend to disagree often
    • Always. I hate to be a bother
    • I often disagree just to start trouble. It's more fun that way
    • *GONK*
    • Roger roger
  7. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

    • Optimistic. Things can always get better
    • I don't really have a positive or negative outlook on life
    • Mostly optimistic, but a little pessimistic at times
    • Pessimistic. Nothing ever seems to go right for me
    • *GONK*
    • Mostly pessimistic, but a little optimistic at times
  8. How are your vocabulary skills?

    • I am very eloquent and wordy in every conversation I have
    • I'm known to swear like a sailor
    • *GONK*
    • I have a wide vocabulary, but I'm quiet so nobody really knows
    • I have a better vocabulary than most, but I wouldn't consider myself eloquent
    • My vocabulary is pretty limited to easy words.
  9. What kind of style are you into?

    • Bland, generic tones, with an occasional dash of color
    • Light-toned blues or other peaceful colors
    • *GONK*
    • Smooth, solid colors like red, blue, or green
    • I like to have bright colors to stand out
    • Dark colors and rough plating
  10. Finally, are you excited for Episode 7?

    • I'm moderately excited
    • I doubt it'll be very good
    • *GONK*
    • I think it has potential to be pretty good
    • I'm not going to waste my time with it
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