Which Ordained Celebrity Should Conduct Your Wedding?

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Some celebrities are not only able to act the part of a priest well, but can actually actually do the deed of gettin' you hitched! So, who should your megastar reverend be?

  1. You're planning your wedding. What do you first?

    • Pick the venue - It's got to be a great place for a party!
    • Make a list of everything that needs to be done - I love checking things off the list!
    • Pick the music - I want to dance all night!
    • Celebrate - I'm getting married!
    • Decide who's coming - Friends & family are a very important part!
  2. What best describes your ideal wedding?

    • Sophisticated and stunning
    • Casual and fun
    • Black tie formal
    • Whimsical and lavish
    • Hip and Chic
  3. Where do you want to spend your honeymoon?

    • The south of France
    • New Zealand
    • Italy
    • Road trip
    • New York City
  4. What are your wedding color(s)?

    • Pinks
    • Black, lavender and dark pink
    • Orange
    • Navy and white
    • Green, white and grey
  5. What best describes you?

    • Funny
    • Spiritual
    • Distinguished
    • Outgoing
    • Put together
  6. Where do you go for your dream bachelorette/bachelor party?

    • A night in London
    • Vegas baby!
    • A beach house in Malibu with my besties
    • My favorite pub with my best buddies
    • A cabin in Tahoe for a hilarious weekend with friends!
  7. Pick the perfect place for a ceremony:

    • A charming stone chapel in the Scottish Highlands
    • A picture-perfect gazebo surrounded by fresh flowers
    • On the beach as the sunsets over the water
    • On top of a skyscraper with an amazing cityscape as your backdrop
    • Cliffside with a beautiful vista
  8. If you had to choose a favorite movie genre, what would it be?

    • Fantasy
    • Superhero
    • Biopics
    • Comedy
    • Sci-fi
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