Which Shia LeBeouf Are You?

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Are you Even Stevens, Not Famous Anymore or just Batsh*t crazy?

  1. Your Dad wants to buy you a new car, do you?

    • Meet a girl who is way out of your league and convince her to get in the car with you?
    • Keep silent and accept whatever is gave to you?
    • Become aggressive and start a fight with a vending machine?
    • Screech extremely loud with excitement?
  2. You've just been sent to jail, what was your crime?

    • You were wrongly convicted of a crime because you're the good guy.
    • You started a fight with a homeless man over some half eaten fast food.
    • A prank that went wrong and resulted in the death of your sister?
  3. You are in a nightclub and your favourite song comes on, do you?

    • Laugh at all the dumb girls dancing and finish planning your next prank?
    • Do nothing, you don't sing, dance or even talk?
    • Grab the closest 12 year old girl and strip down to your skin coloured underwear and perform a questionable but impressive expressive dance?
    • Act kind of dorky but manage to get a dance from the best looking girl in the club?
  4. A friend is feeling down and wants some moral support, do you?

    • Stare blankly, motionless, saying nothing?
    • You give a touching and emotional speech, wiping a tear from your eye while you do so?
    • Take him to a theatre performance of 'Cabaret' whilst being drunk and disorderly until you get kicked out?
    • Cheer him up the only way you know how, making fart jokes and pranking people?
  5. You've been stranded on a desert island and only have one thing with you, what is it?

    • A whole bunch of LSD that you will take and then document every thought you have in the sand?
    • Nothing but the exact thing needed to escape that will spark an idea so coincidentally bad it could only work in a movie?
    • Beans?
    • A paper bag with eye holes cut in it?
  6. "What I like to do most is?......."

    • Chase a car, punch a lamp post, headbutt a man in front of a hobgoblin. Y'know, just the usual?
    • Nothing. I just sit here and stare blankly?
    • Save the world, over and over and over and over again?
    • Have fun with my friends and try to annoy everyone?
  7. What is your motto for life?

    • "Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?"
    • "DO IT!!"
    • "I'm not a shorty pants kid!!"
    • "I'm not famous anymore"
  8. There's a girl who is interested in you, do you?

    • Try to be smooth and cool but really you're just a dorky kid?
    • Chase her through the woods and give her a Shia surprise!?
    • Strangely push her away and play hard to get despite her being way out of your league?
    • Not say or do a thing?
  9. What are the walls like in your ideal bedroom?

    • Your walls are made of a paper bag that you put over your head?
    • Posters, drum sticks gadgets, gizmos and all my cool stuff for pranks. Everything a kid needs?
    • The latest action movies, maybe a band that has a song out this year. As long as it is a pop culture reference that will be outdated in two years?
    • Your walls aren't walls at all. They are bars, like a prison in your mind.
  10. You're walking in the woods. There's no one around, And your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him, Shia Labeouf. Is he?

    • Brandishing a knife? SHIA LABEOUF
    • Living in the woods? SHIA LABEOUF
    • Killing for sport? SHIA LABEOUF
    • Eating all the bodies? Actual, cannibal Shia Labeouf.
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