Which Once Upon a Time Season One Main Character are You??

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You know you want to know. (Not Complete, I've yet to add more questions and descriptions)

  1. Do people really change?

    • You are as you're created and you shouldn't be ashamed of it, just find a way to use it to your advantage.
    • Yeah, we change all our lives.
    • What I've learned from Season One of Once Upon a Time? No. Some people are cursed to be idiots forever while others are the problem solvers.
    • Yes. Sometimes you have to change because you get responsibilities.
    • For love, yes.
    • Sometimes people are broken by things in life. It changes them, not always for the best. Or so I've observed.
  2. What cliche from Once Upon a Time annoyed you the most?

    • I'll destroy their happiness if it's the last thing I do.
    • True Love's kiss can break any curse.Fa
    • I will find you, I will always find you.
    • Life doesn't always have a happy ending.
    • All magic comes with a price.
    • I'm a fan of true love, dearie, and more importantly of what it creates.
  3. What cliche from OUAT annoys you the most?

    • I'm a fan of true love, dearie, and more importantly what it creates
    • All magic comes with a price.
    • I will find you, I will always find you.
    • Life doesn't always have a happy ending.
    • True love's kiss can break any curse.
    • I will destroy their happiness.
  4. What Hogwarts house from Harry Potter are you in?

    • Hufflepuff, duh. We're flippin' awesome!
    • Ravenclaw, I'm kind of really smart and intuitive. Not to brag...
    • Griffindor all the way!
    • Slytherin. I'm going places and this house will get me there
    • Slytherin. Tbh, the dark arts seem more useful than defense against the dark arts
    • I don't even know what Hogwarts is...
  5. On a scale of one to ten, how good of a liar are you?

    • Nine. It's a dangerous habit, but a good one to have.
    • Four. I lie more than I should. But it's not my fault! Entirely...
    • Ten. Liar born and bread.
    • Six. Sometimes you have to lie. I do it without flinching but it's usually for good reason so I do it without regrets.
    • One. I'm a bad liar, so I don't lie and evade telling the truth instead by keeping quiet.
    • Three. I hate lying, but I will if it's for the right cause
  6. Favorite Disney Princess

    • Pocahontas or Ariel
    • Belle or Rapunzel
    • Cinderella or Giselle
    • Elsa or Esmeralda
    • Mulan or Tianna
    • Snow White or Aurora
  7. Do you go to Church?

    • Yeah... no.
    • Not unless I'm dragged.
    • I like the calm of it.
    • I go to ask for something.
    • Church? I love church!
    • Nope.
  8. Zombie Apocalypse strategy: Zombies are surrounding the front of your house and coming at you fast.

    • I'd run outside and distract the zombies so that my family could get away. They wouldn't see me get outside, but they'd hear me sacrifice myself and know that the only thing I'd want is for them to get away.
    • Lead my family out the backyard and push them away from the zombies. I'd send them to the other side of town, but stay behind to help the neighbors.
    • I'd get my family out first, locate supplies at all costs, and then get them out of town. No way I'm leaving them, I'm their most valuable asset.
    • I think that pairs would survive best in the event of the zombie apocalypse so I have to pair up my family, and establish a meeting place safe outside the city then leave with my most cherished loved one.
    • Lead my family out through the backyard and get a head start from those zombies, but once we're far enough away we'll come across law enforcement and I'll join the fight to
    • Load up a bag with mostly guns (yes, I have a lot of guns on hand in case if something like THIS were to happen) and food and GTFO!
  9. When acquaintances hear your laugh, they...

    • Look at you weird.
    • Your musical laugh brings a smile to their faces.
    • Chuckle awkwardly with you.
    • Laugh, you're funny. If you're laughing it's with good reason.
    • Look at you shocked, not expecting it.
    • Smile with you and laugh too; you have a contagious laugh.
  10. When is revenge okay?

    • Never!
    • Yes. People have to pay for what they've done!
    • Only when absolutely necessary. (If they do something terrible)
    • Of course it is!
    • Ugh... as tempting as it sounds, you should never turn to revenge. (You can fantasize of it though)
    • I haven't really thought about that....
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