What "Jurassic World" Predator are you?

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With this movie becoming the #1 in the world, I decided to make a quiz for it.

  1. How do you hunt?

    • Solo
    • With my friends
    • Perfectly hidden
    • Lurking below waiting to strike
  2. Why do you hunt?

    • Me hungry
    • Have to help my friends
    • Why not?
    • Need to eat
  3. A flare shoots into the air. What do you do?

    • Charge!!
    • What was that?
    • What do I care? It's too far up to worry about.
    • Shiny!! Wait, FOOD!
  4. What's your preferred activity for the summer?

    • Swimming
    • Walking around my kingdom
    • Hide and Seek
    • Sport hunting
  5. If you were in an empty room, what would you do?

    • Find safety
    • Smash out of there.
    • Prep an ambush
    • Try to find help
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