Which Character Are You in a Horror Movie?

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Ever wondered what part you would be in a horror movie? Well find out.

  1. You just heard of some great haunted places that you and your friends want to check out. Which one do you choose to explore?

    • A mansion in the middle of nowhere
    • An abandon hospital
    • The boat house
    • A cabin in the woods
  2. What is your ideal weapon?

    • Gun
    • baseball bat
    • Knife
    • chainsaw
    • fists
  3. Quick! Choose a getaway vehicle...

    • Skateboard
    • Walk
    • Bike
    • Run!
  4. If you found out the killer was one of your friends, you would...

    • partner up with them!
    • kill them
    • I wouldn't care...
    • try and talk them out of killing you
    • call the police!
  5. If the killer had your best friend...

    • I would die with them
    • I wouldn't not care!
    • I'd help kill them
    • I'd continue to try and get away
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