What Is Your ULTIMATE 'Finish Line' From a Movie, That You Would Say Before You Kill Your Enemy, Within a Film?

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I am always curious as to what character I would play and what line I would say to my enemy within a film. I guess it's pretty cool to be able to pick a line and use it as your weapon. Take this short quiz if you want to find out which character you are and what line you would choose based on the below scenarios.

  1. What would you say if you were the only person left standing in your team?

    • Only don't tell me you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.
    • It all depends. When do you want to die? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?
    • I was wrong about you?
    • I'll be back!
    • You've gotta find me first, you pansy-ass momma's boy!
  2. What is the last word you would say to your enemy who's just been shot?

    • You gotta go, you gotta go
    • You and I have unfinished business
    • Well, I must say, I've had a lovely evening. You?
    • I love you, too, sweetheart
    • In your dreams!
  3. What threat would you give your enemy over the phone?

    • Excellent, just the thing for unwinding after a rough day at the office
    • Good-bye
    • I'm sorry if my traumatised life is an inconvenience to your perfect existence
    • Who are you?
    • I am proficient in Tiger-Crane Style, and I am more than proficient in the exquisite art of the Samurai sword
  4. What line would you choose from the below?

    • He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon
    • It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality
    • Come with me if you want to live
    • Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?
    • Psychos can't kill what they can't find
  5. What is the last line you would say to your enemy before the movie ends ?

    • They always said the pen was mightier than the sword
    • ...Let's listen to a song
    • This is what you get for f***ing around with Yakuzas!
    • Hasta la vista, baby
    • Hope you enjoyed the movie
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