Which Spider-Man Are You?

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Answer these questions to find out what version of Spider-man are you

  1. Who would you rather date?

    • Mary-Jane Watson
    • Gwen Stacey
    • Liz Allen
    • Felicia Hardy
  2. Which Spider-Man suit would you wear?

    • Cosmic Spider-Man
    • The Amazing Bag-Man
    • Spider-Man Noir
    • Spider-Man 2099
  3. Your arch villain just killed the love of your life, what do you do?

    • Make him pay BIG time
    • Make sure the police catch him
    • Put him behind bars
    • Kill Him
  4. What other Marvel character would you team up with?

    • Iron Man
    • Deadpool
    • Captain America
    • Human Torch
  5. If you found someone stealing in the store what would you do?

    • Suit up and stop him
    • Let him go with a warning
    • Walk up to him and warm him of the consequences
    • Help him get away with it
  6. With the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, In the comics Spider-Man doesn't know which side to choose. So which side do you choose?

    • Iron Man
    • The dark side
    • The good guys
    • Captain America
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