What oceanic animal are you?

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Are you the fish that schools or are you the shark that everyone fears?

  1. If you were being chased...would you?

    • Chase them back!
    • Get to the safety of your home!
    • Stand and fight with your family and friends!
    • Hide in a crowd of people!
  2. If you were lost...would you?

    • Go back the way you came!
    • Try finding your way back yourself with little to no noise!
    • Use landmarks to locate where you are and how to find your way back!
    • Stay put and wait for help!
  3. What is your favorite movie?

    • Harry Potter!
    • Transformers!
    • Lord Of The Rings!
    • Twilight!
  4. It is night time and you can't sleep...would you?

    • Take a walk or listen to music!
    • Watch TV and fall asleep!
    • I'm nocturnal!
    • Lay in bed until you fall asleep!
  5. Favorite genre of music!

    • Jazz!
    • Classical!
    • Country!
    • Rock!
  6. What is your favorite food?

    • Fish!
    • Doesn't Matter!
    • I'm a vegetarian!
    • Deer!
  7. Favorite TV show?

    • Law and Order!
    • Scorpion!
    • Full House!
    • The Flash!
  8. Favorite Drink?

    • Soda!
    • Doesn't Matter!
    • Coffee!
    • Water!
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