Are you Liberal, Conservative, or something in between?

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Do you believe in 'Big Government' or do you want us to return to the Constitution as we were supposed to be in the first place?

  1. How do you interpret the 2nd Amendment?

    • It's for everyone!
    • It's for hunting!
    • Just for the use of Military & Police!
    • Just for Protection!
  2. What does the Confederate flag represent to you?

    • Heritage Not Hate!
    • Racism!
    • Heritage for those who know the true meanings but think it still shouldn't be flown for the people who are offended by it!
    • Heritage for people living in the states that used it out of hatred for everyone else!
  3. How do you view the U.S. Military?

    • mid sized but only limited benefits!
    • Large with plenty of benefits!
    • Small!
    • mid sized but with plenty of benefits!
  4. How do you feel about 'state help'?

    • its ok for those who need it but only those who need it and will use it correctly!
    • give it to everyone but limit the amount!
    • The gov should take care of everyone , legal citizen or not!
    • everyone should be as self sufficient as possible!
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