Would you survive the Independence Day movie?

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How long would you survive if you were in the movie? Find out now.

  1. Where do you live?

    • Suburban Area
    • Farmland
    • City Centre
    • Urban Area
  2. Do you have an emergency survival kit?

    • No, nothing at all!
    • Yes, large amounts of food and supplies!
    • Yes, just the bare essentials.
    • Yes, plenty of food for me.
  3. Do you have any guns?

    • A pistol.
    • A few large guns.
    • Yes, plenty to go around.
    • No, none at all.
  4. Are you capable of defending yourself?

    • I have never fought in my life!
    • I can always put up a good fight!
    • Yes, I can defend against anyone.
    • I can fight, but not very well.
  5. How knowledgeable are you about Aliens?

    • I know a great deal.
    • I know nothing.
    • I know some things.
    • Very, I know everything to do with them!
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