Which '90s Superhero Cartoon Do You Belong in?

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We take a look at just which classic '90s animated show you'd fit perfectly into...

  1. So. You're walking down the street one day, when an elderly gentleman approaches, asking you for help. What do you do?

    • Leap to his aid
    • Offer to help
    • Say something snarky
    • Offer him something to eat
    • Ask him what he wants (from the shadows)
    • Run away
  2. Before you can respond, however, a portal mysteriously opens below your feet, and you fall, endlessly. What are you screaming as you fall?

    • "Noooooooooooo!"
    • I don't do screaming.
    • "Khaaaaaaaaaaan!"
    • "Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiittttt!"
    • "Piiiiiiiiizzzzzza!"
    • "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaa(muffled)"
  3. Finally, you land with a thud in a city you've never seen before. Which way do you head first?

    • To the nearest rooftop!
    • To the sewers!
    • To the shadows!
    • To that convenient mansion nearby!
    • To the nearest police station!
    • To the nearest restroom!
  4. Soon, though, you accidentally run into a gang of oddly dressed street youths, just minding their own business. What do you do?

    • Ask them if they need any help
    • Growl menacingly at them.
    • Ask them if they have any food
    • Ask them which circus they all ran away to
    • Ask them where in the heck I am
    • Ask them what their deal is
  5. Deftly ignoring whatever it was you said, the youths whisper quietly to themselves, and then point to a doorway. What do you do?

    • Glare at them ominously
    • Make a crack about The Doors
    • Shake 'em
    • Ask them if they have any food again
    • Walk calmly towards it
    • Ask what's on the other side
  6. Before you know what's happening, though, the elderly man from earlier bursts through the door, and pulls you through. On the other side, there's...what exactly?

    • A crowded room...
    • So. Much. Food.
    • A horrifyingly confusing mess...
    • An empty space...
    • Just...darkness...
    • The open sky...
  7. The man explains that this is a gateway - one to another world - and that it looks like whatever you imagine it to be - and asks whether you're ready to make a leap of faith. Your response?

    • "How far's the leap?"
    • "Why not?"
    • "That depends. DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD?"
    • "I was born ready."
    • "Not so much, no."
    • "That isn't my style."
  8. "Sadly," the old man says, "you don't have much of a choice. There are many doors here, and you need to choose one - and to choose it wisely." Which do you go for?

    • The grand-looking marble one
    • The one with the funny looking gargoyle on it
    • The pizza-shaped one
    • Is the one I came in through an option?
    • The dark one covered in spider's webs
    • The simple wooden one
  9. "This, then, will be your new home," intones the man. "Be warned, though - it will be whatever you make of it." What's your response?

    • "Say again?"
    • "Now, hold on a second there, friend."
    • "Wait, what?"
    • "Whoa, there, muchaho..."
    • "Balls."
    • "So, you're saying that there WILL be pizza?"
  10. And, with that, he pushes you through the door. You fall, and fall, and then land. But...where are you?

    • In a mansion, surrounded by friendly faces
    • A dark metropolis, in need of a guardian
    • Atop a giant, gleaming skyscraper
    • Knee deep in pizza
    • Some...place?
    • High in the sky, flying somehow
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