Which Game of Thrones House do you belong in?

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Are you a part of House Lannister or part of the mighty Starks? Find out in this brief quiz

  1. Weapon of Choice?

    • Sword
    • Knowledge
    • Axe
    • Quick Thinking
    • Bow and Arrow
    • Fire
  2. Do you want to sit on the Iron Throne?

    • Depends whose on it before you.
    • Possibly
    • I don't care who sits on the Iron Throne, just how they treat the affairs of Westeros
    • Hell Yes!
    • Better to be the power behind the Throne
  3. Which Motto do you Like?

    • Growing Strong
    • Hear Me Roar
    • Fire and Blood
    • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
    • Winter Is Coming
    • Ours is the Fury
    • We Do Not Sow
Your result:
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