Which Liam Neeson Badass Are You?

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He doesn't know who you are, but he will find you... And I believe him.

  1. Your plan runs into an obstacle, you...

    • You build a more elaborate plan, even if it goes against all odds
    • Meditate about the problem to find the best solution
    • Use your influence with other people to solve it
    • You don't care about the problem, take the easy way
  2. You're being mugged, and the assailant demands your cash. What do you do?

    • You let him take the cash, but you are resentful
    • Nothing, he probably needs it more than you do
    • Try to reason with the guy, even if that means a mess
    • Use your physical strength, not letting him take it from you
  3. It's a lazy day. What are you reading?

    • Reading about great historic characters
    • Reading about the right ways to live life
    • Reading about inner peace and stability
    • Reading about criminal cases
  4. Your arch nemesis stands in front of you, willing to fight, you...

    • Try to avoid the fight, using words and communication instead
    • Take it easy, evaluate the situation
    • You hit him first, before he realizes the fight has even begun
    • Wait for the perfect moment to countermove
  5. One of your friends is in trouble and asks for help. What do you do?

    • Give him council, advise him of options
    • You do your best to get him out of trouble no matter what it takes
    • He can handle it on his own, after all, that's his problem
    • Try to talk him out of it, using your charm to resolve the issue
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