Which Batman Are You?

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Based on you skills and strengths, which Batman are you?

  1. You catch the bad guy, what do you do?

    • Ask what to do with him
    • Kill him
    • Put him thought hell on the way to jail
    • Put him behind bars
  2. Gotham is going to be destroyed by scarecrow. What do you do?

    • Get out of the city with all the citizens.
    • Find scarecrow and put a bullet in his head, no matter what.
    • Go after scarecrow and beat him within a inch of his life.
    • Get everybody out of the city then stop scarecrow.
  3. You can let joker go or save a room of drug lords. Which one do you pick?

    • Save the drug lords first the try to catch joker later. Its the right thing to do
    • Take him to jail
    • Take joker with you to save the drug lords
    • Save the drug lords even though you don't want to.
  4. Riddler wants you to play his game or he kills a hostage. And the hostage is joker. What do you do?

    • Play his game and them both to jail
    • Run directly to riddler and let him kill the Joker
    • Play the game but you most likely cant figure it out.
    • Fall back and have somebody else do the puzzles.
  5. Save the world of all its problems, or let a innocent child die.

    • Just walk away
    • Don't rescue the child the world will be saved
    • Save the child, the world will fix itself.
    • Put a lot of though of though into it. But you still don't know what to do
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