Are you a horror buff?

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Almost everyone's watched the well known horror movies, but have you been paying attention or just hiding underneath the covers? Lets find out.

  1. What is the name of the town Michael Myers goes to in Halloween?

    • Murderville
    • Haddonfield
    • Beaufort
  2. In the movie Mama why did Victoria and Lilly's father take them to the cabin?

    • For a vacation
    • To kill them
    • To protect them
  3. Which was not a murder that Ethan Hawke's character saw on video?

    • Drowned in a pool
    • Hanging from a tree
    • Buried alive
  4. Does the movie The Conjuring contain anything real?

    • Ed and Lorraine Warren
    • Only stories people claim to be real
    • I hope not!
  5. In The Cabin in the Woods what monster did Hadley bet on to be picked?

    • werewof
    • A Mer-man
    • Zombies
  6. In The Evil Dead (1981) who is possessed first?

    • Cheryl
    • Shelly
    • Ash
  7. Who were the killers in the movie Scream

    • Sydney's Dad and best friend
    • Ghostface
    • Sydney's boyfriend and friend
  8. What was the premonition in the first Final Destination movie?

    • A roller coaster breaks
    • A ghost
    • A plane crashes
  9. How did American Psycho end?

    • It was suggested that he might not have killed anyone at all
    • He confessed to his 20- 40 murders
    • He killed himself
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