Which Creepy Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

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Ever wondered what horror-inspired couple encompasses the weirdness in your relationship? Now, you can find out!

  1. What is your ideal first date?

    • A long, rainy road trip
    • A romantic night dancing
    • Creating models in the attic
    • Investigating the paranormal
  2. It's a gloomy day outside. What do you two do to pass the time?

    • Turn our houseguests into dummies during their dinner party!
    • We involuntarily dance with the locals while searching for a phone to get home...
    • Dust off the cases of our room full of 'collectibles'
    • We LOVE "bad" weather. We spend it with our children
  3. You're planning your wedding! Where's it going to be?

    • A haunted house
    • Anywhere that our whole family can fit!
    • Our living room, in front of the pretty fireplace, officiated by a demon
    • A big, big mansion complete with a beautiful honeymoon suite
  4. You bought a house - pick a paint color for your bedroom: (blood is optional)

    • Black. Cobwebs are a bonus
    • Wallpaper is our go-to
    • Something calming. Blue is fine
    • We like beige
  5. Oh, no, your first fight! How do you handle it?

    • I find someone else to spend the night with. Let's just hope they don't find out...
    • Get into our room full of our collectibles and open them all
    • Dance off! Loser gets knives thrown at them
    • We agree to disagree; we never fight for long
  6. Congrats, you two are adopting a pet! What did you get?!

    • A baby Sandworm!
    • We keep in touch with our deceased relatives, we don't need a pet
    • A puppy...we keep it normal
    • We have a severed hand and a hairy cousin as it is! But we'd get a bat, or something
  7. How do you split your family time during the holidays?

    • We spend it in haunted houses with our deceased family members
    • Well, our families celebrate without US...we're dead!
    • We're engaged, our families get our time equally
    • They all live under one roof...except the cousins. They all come over, though!
  8. Speaking of holidays, which do you two love most?

    • Any chance to get everyone around the table is fine
    • Dia de los Muertos
    • Christmas!
    • Halloween
  9. What do you love most about each other?

    • They make me feel safe, even in the worst situations
    • I'm free to embrace my dark side, and that's what they love about me
    • They're truly my other half; I know we're going to be together (happily) to the ends of the Earth and back
    • Without them, I wouldn't have my partner in crime to help me help others
  10. Finally, how the heck did you two meet?!

    • We were destined to be together. I would die for her. I would kill for her. What bliss
    • At someone else's wedding. It was so romantic
    • It was a simple boy-meets-girl, we started off rocky but fell madly in love
    • We shared an interest for all things otherworldly
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