Which Iron Man Suit Are You?

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Are you strong like the Hulkbuster? Or classy like Nightclub? Flashy like Disco? Or subtle like Sneaky?

  1. Do you fit well in any situation?

    • Definitely! I'm the master of flexibility!
    • You'll never know!
    • Absolutely! I'm very adaptable!
    • No! I like my routine!
    • Usually, as long as I'm in the limelight!
  2. You realize that your friend is about to get both of you into trouble. What do you do?

    • Punch them in the face! You're a direct thinker!
    • Try to defuse the situation, but be ready for a fight if necessary.
    • Grab your friend and run.
    • Tell your friend that if anyone picks a fight, it should be you!
    • Talk your way out of it!
  3. Do you consider yourself a "people person"?

    • No way! I'm an introvert!
    • Depends on which "people" we're talking about!
    • Sometimes, but I like my alone time too.
    • I can go either way!
    • Yes! I love people!
  4. Would your friends say you're reliable?

    • I don't have friends.
    • For something that directly impacts me, sure! Otherwise, probably not.
    • Yes!
    • When they need me!
    • Most of the time!
  5. You've been invited to a party. What do you do?

    • Find your friends and hang out with them the whole time.
    • Roll up with your entourage and take over!
    • Not show up.
    • Show up, but keep a low profile.
    • Crash the party!
  6. You have been placed on a team whose mission is to save the world. What role do you play?

    • I'm a follower!
    • The one who just makes quippy one-liners!
    • I'm the boss! Obviously! Is that even a question?!
    • Whatever the team needs me for!
    • The intimidating one that everyone else is scared of!
  7. How do you feel about sidekicks?

    • I'm okay with a sidekick if they make themselves useful.
    • I'd rather be one than have one!
    • I'd rather have one than be one!
    • I'd rather not think about it.
    • I don't really care.
  8. When you watch the Avengers, which do you most associate with (excluding Iron Man)?

    • Black Widow!
    • Hawkeye!
    • Hulk!
    • Thor!
    • Cap!
  9. You're out walking and see someone you don't like. What do you do?

    • Only retaliate in kind if they start something.
    • Attack them right there on the sidewalk!
    • Make a big show of insulting them in front of everyone.
    • Keep walking. Maybe they won't see me.
    • Pretend they're not there.
  10. Do you ever sympathize with the villain?

    • Always! They never win!
    • How do you know I'm not the villain?
    • Nope! They got what was coming to them!
    • I feel bad, but I know they got what they deserved.
    • Sure, if they're genuinely repentant.
  11. Which Powerpuff Girl was your childhood crush?

    • Buttercup!
    • Can I pick all three?
    • I never watched it.
    • Blossom!
    • Bubbles!
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