Which (modern) Horror Comedy Movie Do You Belong In?

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The classics are great, but where in this generation do you belong?

  1. First off, what are you/wish you were doing for a living?

    • I'm working in law enforcement, protect and serve.
    • I don't work a job per se, I get my money other ways
    • Currently in college or just finished college. Real world here I come!
    • Working a simple 9-5 job, but hey it pays the bills.
    • Journalism is where it's at!
    • It doesn't matter where I work as long as I get a well deserved vacation from time to time.
  2. Work is done! What do you like to do in your spare time?

    • I love filming and capturing the lives of people on camera!
    • Playing board games and hanging out with my friends.
    • Fishing and drinking. Couldn't ask for anything better than that.
    • I like playing video games with my friends or listening to music.
    • Of the free time I have, I spend most of it at the bar.
    • I usually just watch movies or tv...
  3. What is your mode of transportation?

    • I don't really leave the house much...
    • I often find myself riding in a police car
    • I prefer to walk
    • A van is usually my best option
    • Just your standard, run of the mill car. Keep it simple.
    • I drive a truck, of course
  4. It's time to get away! What is your ideal vacation?

    • Something in the mountains. Most likely snowboarding and riding on my snowmobile.
    • I just want to stay at home all day and get some peace and quiet.
    • Camping with my friends. We could all use some fresh air!
    • Drinks all around! I plan on not be sober for one minute of my vacation!
    • I want to stay somewhere haunted for a night!
    • I plan to just hang around town with family and friends. Maybe we could all grab a bite to eat and some drinks.
  5. Boo! What, of the following, are you most afraid of?

    • Zombies
    • Curses
    • Aliens
    • College Kids!!
    • Serial Killers
    • Ghosts
  6. You have to protect yourself! What is your weapon of choice?

    • An Axe
    • Cricket Bat
    • Construction Equipment and Explosions!
    • Wood Chipper
    • Anything I can find around the house
    • Chainsaw!
  7. You've survived this horrible part of your life! What do you do to celebrate?

    • Build a better relationship with my family. Time to put old grudges behind me.
    • Scream in both disbelief that this happened to you and joy that it is finally over!
    • Play video games with your best friend and go about life as normal.
    • Kiss the person I've secretly had a crush on this whole time
    • Go on a well deserved first date
    • Just go home and try to cope with what happened.
  8. And finally, how would you describe your sense of humor?

    • Slap-stick. I do some pretty goofy things.
    • Incidental. I don't try to be funny, my life is just something to laugh at.
    • Sarcastic. Sometimes I don't even know if I'm being serious or not.
    • Eccentric. I'm a bit of an odd-ball and will often say things that people won't expect.
    • Dark. Just dark..
    • Profanity. The frequency in which I cuss can make anything relatable and funny.
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