If the Terminator were to hunt you in 1984, would you survive?

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Lets imagine the Terminator, portrayed by our beloved Arnold Schwarzenegger, were to hunt for some reason, have you ever wondered if your strategies of survival would work? Find out now!

  1. Several murders have occurred in your city and all the victims have the same first and surname as yours, what will be your reaction?

    • Imagine if that was me! Better get worried
    • Wow! What a coincidence!
    • I better stay alert in case I'm the next one.
    • I don't watch the news regularly
  2. A man rescues you from the murderer, takes you to a parking lot and tells he's from the future, and that the murderer is actually a cyborg sent back from the future to kill you. Would you...

    • You would bite his arm and try to run away
    • Believe the man, and do everything he says
    • Get out the car and assume he is lunatic
    • Get worried with this story, but would follow his advice, especially because he just saved you.
  3. Which weapon below would you choose to defend yourself from this loose murderer?

    • Something with a bit more power just to hold him back, like a shotgun
    • I think I can fight him with my hands
    • I guess a pistol will do just fine
    • Maybe I can defend myself just fine with a sharp knife
  4. The police arrest you and your saviour, they examine him and assume he's mentally ill due to the ridiculous story about past and future he has told you, what would you do next?

    • You leave the precinct and go off the grid, you are still afraid of this murderer.
    • Stay in the police station, after all there is a murderer chasing you.
    • You would go back home, with a police officer sitting next to your door in the case the murderer shows up.
    • You would leave the precinct and go back home.
  5. Your saviour manages to catch back to you, since the murderer showed up in the police station and killed every officer inside, where would you go?

    • I would go to a motel just so we could prepare ourselves for the murderer
    • I would try to find a living cop to protect me.
    • I would go home, and lock myself there
    • I would go off the grid and hide
  6. Your saviour tells you that your future unborn son is the leader of the resistance against the machines that dominated the planet, and the murderer is back to kill, preventing your child to be born. What would be your reaction?

    • I can't take it! I don't want this! Kill me!
    • Let's run away! We have a chance against him...don't we?
    • Oh my god, I better stay alive then!
    • I'm not ready for this!
  7. The murderer find you and your saviour, you start a car chase adventure, and unfortunately, your saviour gets shot, what would you do?

    • Run away with him!
    • Make him try to fight the murderer with our weapons!
    • Say "On your feet soldier!" and encourage him to continue fighting.
    • Leave him there, I must survive!
  8. You managed to kill the murderer with a big explosion, however, he comes out from the fire in a metal skeleton form. What is your action?

    • He's weak! Lets knock out him!
    • Shoot him! The bullet will probably destroy him!
    • C'mon! We are nearly making scrap out of this machine, lets run a bit more!
    • Oh look! A door, lets get inside!
  9. Your saviour was killed by the cyborg, and he's now chasing you, although he doesn't have legs, but he moves pretty quickly, what would you do?

    • Beat him up with something
    • Try running away and find something in the new location to destroy him
    • Try to shooting him! Maybe it will work this time!
    • Squash him as if he was a cockroach on the ground
  10. In case you survived this attempt of assassination, what would you do afterwards?

    • I'd stay alert, since I'll give birth to the future leader of the human resistance
    • I could let my guard down now, after all I destroyed a cyborg!
    • I'd go home and pretend this was all a bad dream.
    • I'd try to find the responsible for creating this cyborg
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