Which Star Wars Pilot are you?

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The Star Wars Universe is packed with amazing pilots. Who are you?

  1. What is your ideal Ship?

    • If it can fly then i can fly it
    • If it helps the alliance I will fly it
    • Big and powerfull
    • The Falcon
    • X-Wing
    • A rebel ship
  2. Best Friend?

    • Powerful
    • Trustworthy
    • Loyal and brave
    • A Jedi or a pretty lady
    • A good pilot who I can rely on
    • Honest and skilled
  3. Favorite pastime

    • Sabbac or a drink
    • Mourn the latest loss or be grateful we are all here
    • Meditation or more flying
    • A relax with squadron mates
    • Spend time with friends or relax and be one with the force
    • Find new ways to be better and more powerful
  4. Allegiance

    • The Empire as long as they are most powerful
    • I will hang around
    • The Jedi I think
    • The Jedi Order
    • Rebellion
    • Rogue Squadron
  5. Your Friends ship is in trouble but you have been ordered out. What do you do?

    • Lock S-Foils in Attack position and take him out
    • Orders? Vape the squint!
    • Get angry save him in style
    • Save him I cant take the loss of friends
    • Friends?
    • Too many have died already not another!
  6. Who is your hero

    • Power
    • Ben Kenobi
    • Luke Skywalker
    • Me
    • Too Many
    • Chancellor Palatine or Obi Wan
  7. How good a pilot are you

    • Only as good as my Squadron
    • Good and the force helps (Amazing)
    • Very good but there are better (Luke)
    • Natural could do it with my eyes shut!
    • Pilot? No I am in charge someone else flies it!
    • I'm the best pilot in the galaxy and I have the ship to prove it
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