Which Superhero (or Villain) Team Leader Are You?

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Avenger's Captain America? Justice League's Superman? X-men's Cyclops? or is it Sinister's Six's Green Goblin? Find out!

  1. Something easy: Which team is your favorite?

    • Teen Titans/ Young Justice
    • Justice League
    • Inhumans
    • X-Force
    • Sinister Six
    • The Avengers
    • X-Men
    • Suicide Squad
  2. Good or Evil?

    • I guess good. Right?
    • Too soon to decide
    • Something in between?
    • Very Good
    • Depends on my mood
    • Good
    • What ever is needed
    • Evil. Mwahaha
  3. You see a child ready to be crushed by a car. What would you do?

    • I take it out of the street quickly and tell him/her to be more careful
    • Try to prove that I can be a hero and save it
    • Put someone else to save it for me
    • Save it and try to find his/her parents
    • Push it out of the way and stop the car with my strength
    • Depends. Is there a reward if I save it?
    • I stop the car and start yelling at the driver to look where he is going
    • Why should I care?
  4. Favorite Color?

    • Grey
    • Dark Blue
    • Red
    • Black
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red and blue
    • blue
  5. You find yourself in a sticky situation. What do you do?

    • Cut everyone's neck in my way out
    • Fight harder
    • Call my team immediately for back up
    • Leave and take my revenge later
    • Leave and ask for my boss extra money for what he/she put me through
    • Fight at first but then call for help
    • I am never in a sticky situation
    • Call for help but curse myself for not being able to take this care of
  6. Where would your headquarters be?

    • In outer space
    • In a space ship
    • In a tower
    • In a cave, perhaps?
    • In an Asylum
    • In a mountain
    • In a mansion
    • In a whole city
  7. You would prefer a big or a small team?

    • Not too big, not too small
    • My people are part of my team, so big
    • There are many of my kind
    • The smaller the better. Keep it with people you trust
    • Big
    • The bigger the better
    • Six members are just fine
    • Our only limit is the age
  8. Would your team side with the government?

    • They hate us so no
    • We are outlaws. The government would never want us
    • Nope
    • Only when it's needed
    • We are hidden. No government will ever find us
    • If they pay as then yes
    • I don't really know if my team is really considered as one so I don't know
    • Never!!!
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