Orphan Black: Which Clone Sidekick Are You?

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Every clone on BBC America's Orphan Black has a loyal sidekick, and sometimes they overlap. Which one are you?

  1. What do you want to do in your downtime?

    • Go to the shooting range
    • Explore new things in a nerdy fashion
    • Twerk
    • Make money however possible
    • Read your kids a bedtime story
    • Drink and make something
  2. What is your ideal job?

    • Doctor
    • Scientest
    • Full time parent
    • Anything that will make me rich
    • Military commander
    • Artist
  3. What language are you fluent in?

    • Lies
    • French
    • Saying the wrong thing
    • Mose code
    • Child
    • Sass
  4. What kind of person would you want to be your boss?

    • Someone you have no problem standing up to
    • I don't do the whole "job" thing
    • Somebody you've known forever
    • Please, I'd be my own boss
    • Somebody you can talk back to with no repercussions
    • Someone who's good at telling me what to do
  5. What scares you?

    • Losing my loved ones
    • Someone finding out all my secrets
    • Anybody who has craft supplies
    • Nothing
    • Being assigned backup
    • Creepy, crawly bugs
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