Which "New Girl" Character Are You?

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or do you already know? haha no you don't. take the quiz and find out.

  1. You're going out on a night with your friends, what do you wear?

    • Can I bring my cat?
    • Are we going to see Prince? I have my $2,000 suit ready.
    • A cute dress? Something me. Don't forget my ribbon hat!
    • Why does it matter what I would wear now let's go!
    • Sweater and come nice fitted jeans. If it's not that cold, just a t-shit instead of the sweater... maybe both?
  2. If you were asked to model, would you go through with it?

    • NO!
    • Totally, I'd keep the fake eyelashes on. JK. I'm scared to take them off. Modeling is hard.
    • How much and what am I modeling?
    • You never answered my question about the cat.
    • It's my job actually...
  3. You see your friend crying, what do you do?

    • I don't know.
    • Hand them a 'Feeling Stick' !
    • Awkwardly wait until they stopped crying to ask?
    • Console them and ask them whats wrong.
    • panic and yell at them to stop
  4. Do you believe anyone can get overly emotional on their monthly?

    • Are you serious? This shouldn't even be a question. Only girls get a period
    • ew.. no thats a girl thing!
    • Maybe. NOT!
    • what?
    • I'd lie just to let some steam out publicly.
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