Which Avenger are you??

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Who are you more like? Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow or Hawkeye.

  1. You see a guy shop lifting, what do you do?

    • Leave it. You don't want to get arrested for injuring someone
    • It's his problem if he gets caught. I've got stuff to do anyway
    • Trip him up and call the cops
    • Give him one chance to put it back. If he refuses stop him him and tell the shop keeper
    • Bring him to justice
    • Hit him over the the head as he trys to leave
  2. You're attending a house party, what do you bring?

    • All the vodka and shots you can find
    • A case of beers…. and your family.
    • ALE! BEER! MEAD!!
    • A few nibbles and treats, maybe a beer or two
    • You forget because you're to busy focusing on your own problems of the day
    • Please! i don't need to bring drinks, this outfit will get me free ones all night!
  3. Your first child is born, what do you do?

    • I'm outside with the lads celebrating with cigars
    • Present them to the world like Simba from The Lion King!
    • Come over all emotional and proud
    • Feel worried that there's now a mini you running around
    • Cry….. A LOT!
    • Think "that's one more to ad to the family"
  4. A man is bullying/beating on a woman, what do you do?

    • Try to stop him calmly and after he lashes out you just lose your s**t and beat him down
    • Team up with the woman to stop him
    • two hits! me hitting you, you hitting the floor
    • Use your superior intellect to stop him
    • Throw stuff at him until he backs away
    • Stop him with your words, no violence has happen
  5. You're part of a team to build something, who are you?

    • The one building everything
    • The one doing all the little jobs
    • The one lifting the heavy stuff
    • The tactical one with the best ideas
    • The one with the money and the plans
    • The one keeping everything organised
  6. A wild animal gets into your house, how do you remove it?

    • Throw s**t at it!
    • Figure out the best way to get it out without hurting it
    • Get someone else to sort it
    • Smack it out the door with a cricket bat
    • Try to calmly remove it, after that fails, scream at it until it runs out the door
    • Sneak up on it and scare it out
  7. And finally, something simple - your favourite colour?

    • BLUE
    • YELLOW
    • BLACK
    • RED
    • GREEN
    • PURPLE
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