Which Pretty Little Liar Are You?

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Are you as sensitive as Hannah or as smart as Spencer?

  1. Describe your style.

    • Girly and trendy
    • Simple and comfortable
    • Edgy
    • Preppy
    • Sophisticated
  2. How good are you at keeping secrets?

    • I sometimes tell....depends on the secret!
    • If it concerns me, I'll keep it safe.
    • I never tell! Your secrets are safe with me!
    • Sooner or later I'm gonna tell!!
    • I don't wanna be tempted so just don't tell me.
  3. How do you spend a friday night?

    • With my boyfriend.
    • Having a pyjama party with friends!
    • Reading a good book.
    • Watching a nice movie.
  4. What is your type of guy/girl?

    • Popular and sexy!
    • He is your best friend and so cute!
    • Truely romantic!
    • Protective lover, always there for you.
    • Mature and funny.
  5. In your circle of friends you are:

    • The funny and sarcastic one.
    • The leader.
    • The mature one.
    • The nice and quiet one.
    • The smart and clever one.
  6. Do you prefer hanging out at...?

    • The field.
    • The shopping mall.
    • The coffee shop.
    • Home.
    • None of the above.
  7. What is the most important to you?

    • Intelligence.
    • Money.
    • Pride.
    • Love.
    • Independence.
  8. Do you lie?

    • Sometimes, to defend myself!
    • I do, just to keep my serets safe!
    • Only to protect people I love.
    • All the time, duh!
    • NO-NEVER-NOT!!
  9. Which school class do you like most?

    • History.
    • Gymnastics.
    • English.
    • Uhm....none?
  10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    • Freezing time!
    • Reading other people's minds!
    • Controlling other people's actions, and making them do what I want!
    • Invisibility!
    • Flying!
  11. Which one is your favorite?

    • Caleb
    • None of the above
    • Toby
    • Ezra
    • Jason
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