What Batman Villain Are You?

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Which Dark Knight nemesis are you more like? Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Bane or Mr. Freeze?

  1. You come face to face with Batman, what do you do?

    • Get my henchmen to beat him up.
    • Beat the living s**t outta him!
    • Ask for his assistance, if he refuses I'll take him down.
    • Laugh! He looks so stupid!
    • Decide whether to punch him or shoot him.
    • Ask him a load of questions.
  2. You've just killed someone, what's your reaction?

    • I'm a bit upset. That wasn't the plan.
    • It was meant to happen. It was decided.
    • He answered incorrectly. What was I supposed to do?
    • Shrug it off, It's no biggi. I've got Batman to annoy anyway.
    • Whoops! Never mind, on to better things.
    • It was my intent. I'm far more superior.
  3. What's your weapon of choice?

    • A simple hand gun.
    • MY FISTS!!!
    • My intelligence. I don't need an actual weapon.
    • My henchmen normally fight for me, however I carry a blunt object just incase.
    • Mostly knives. Guns are too quick.
    • Something technical and cool!
  4. You're going to rob a bank, what's your play?

    • Pleeeeeease, money doesn't interest me. I'd rather just shoot up the place for fun!
    • I'd rather have an elaborate plan and not have to even be there when it goes off.
    • I have a host of thugs to do my work for me, then I'll simply walk in and take the cash.
    • I'll blast in there alone. I don't need anybody else.
    • Be careful and precise. This money is for my family.
    • I have a couple of options, both get me out alive.
  5. You became a villain because?

    • For fun. What else?
    • For my family. They need support.
    • It's in my blood. I'm good at being bad.
    • I like tricking people and making them think for my own amusement.
    • Because I made many bad choices.
    • Because nobody can stop me! ...accept Batman.
  6. What do you REALLY think of The Joker?

    • He's a clown... clever though.
    • What a fairy boy, prancing around like that.
    • He does't ask enough questions.
    • He has his uses... nothing special.
    • He's great! It's like looking in a mirror!
    • He needs to beef up a bit.
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