What Disney Kingdom Should You Live In?

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Have you ever looked around your quiet little village and wondered: "Is there more than this provincial life?" Oh wait, that's Belle. But some of us are bound to ask the same question when looking at some of the amazing and beautiful worlds that Disney has created. Which Disney kingdom or city do you belong in? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. What is your comfort snack?

    • Ramen
    • Meat
    • Hot chocolate
    • I'll eat anything. Seriously.
    • Hummus
    • Vegetarian sushi
  2. What is your ideal vacation?

    • Relaxing at a beach resort
    • Skiing
    • Exploring a new country
    • A safari
    • A cruise
    • Hanging out in a city
  3. What color makes you feel most at home?

    • Red
    • Turquoise
    • Purple
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Blue
  4. Do you like being around other people?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • They're okay, but I need my alone time.
    • Sure, as long as it doesn't get too crowded.
    • I like seeing new faces.
    • No.
    • Not really, I don't really trust people.
  5. What do you like the least?

    • Small spaces
    • Feeling isolated
    • The cold
    • Crowds
    • The heat
    • Being bored
  6. How would you prefer to get around?

    • Do elephants count?
    • Via spaceship
    • Public transportation
    • On a sled. Wheee!
    • By boat
    • Walking
  7. What is your favorite kind of weather?

    • Doesn't matter, as long as the night sky is clear
    • Rain
    • A nice breeze
    • Fog
    • Summer sun
    • Snow
  8. What is your go-to type of book?

    • Shakespeare
    • Science-fiction
    • Romance
    • School textbook
    • Motivational
    • Adventure
  9. You're headed to a costume party: what are you dressed as?

    • A person. I don't wear costumes.
    • A prince or princess
    • A cat. Meow.
    • A pirate
    • A superhero
    • Whatever shows the most amount of skin
  10. What is your favorite section of Disney World?

    • Epcot
    • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Blizzard Beach
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Animal Kingdom
  11. What pet can you see yourself getting?

    • A cat, duh
    • A horse, if I have space
    • Some sort of funky lizard
    • A bird - maybe a parrot or cockatoo
    • I'll build a robot dog
    • A few fish
  12. And lastly, what kind of house would you like to live in?

    • A space station
    • A highrise
    • A tree-house
    • A fairytale castle
    • A seaside cottage
    • A converted loft
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