Which Anti-Hero Are You?

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Are you the sword swingin' Deadpool, or the snarling Wolverine?

  1. DC or Marvel?

    • What's a Marvel?
    • Doesn't matter, I'll take em all on.
    • Neither.
    • Marvel.
    • DC.
  2. A bank robbery is in progress. You..

    • Shoot the robbers in the face
    • Slice and dice em
    • I'm too busy to deal with petty bank robbers
    • Decapitate and disembowel the criminals
    • Save the day by using deadly force
  3. What do you value most?

    • Justice
    • Myself
    • I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. What was the question?
    • Revenge
    • A good bottle of Whiskey
  4. Your brother betrays you, so you...

    • Take him out. Betrayal is betrayal.
    • Wait, I have a brother?!
    • Think nothing of it
    • Chop his head off and kick it into orbit
    • Attack him as soon as I see him
  5. Someone cries for help! What do you do?

    • Bust a move.
    • Make an attempt to help, and hope that I'm not wasting my time.
    • I couldn't hear the cries over the sounds of my greatness.
    • Run to their aide, hoping to serve some scumbag his just desserts.
    • There are more important things to worry about than some random cry for help.
  6. Who's your favorite superhero?

    • Wolverine
    • Spider-Man
    • Not Batman
    • Superman
    • Ghost Rider
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