Anarchist or Psychopath: Which Side of the Joker Are You?

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Fancy finding out which version of the iconic psychopath you are? Go on, have a laugh!

  1. Which decade was the coolest?

    • I don't care, so long as I can have fun
    • '80s
    • '00s
    • '90s
  2. How would you choose to torment the innocents of Gotham?

    • Reinvent the world and become its Emperor
    • Break the mind of the city's most righteous citizen
    • Hold it for ransom
    • Infect the inhabitants minds with toxin
  3. How would you take out members of the Bat-family?

    • Kidnap and torture
    • Bludgeoning and exploding
    • Paralyzing
    • Thinning their blood
  4. How did you get those scars?

    • Shaving
    • Incident with a frisbee
    • Abusive elders
    • Twisted empathy
  5. What would be the funniest way of besting a hero?

    • Turning their allies against them
    • Tricking them into murdering or harming their loved ones
    • Breaking your own neck to spite them
    • Becoming the most feared part of his psyche
  6. How would you dress?

    • Tattoos and grills
    • Top hat and tails
    • Hawaiian shirt and sun hat
    • 3 piece suit
  7. How would you choose to go?

    • Slow death from poison
    • Choked
    • Laughing
    • Dropped from a cliff?
  8. How would you travel?

    • GCPD armed convoy
    • Helicopter
    • Limos of course
    • An obscenely tricked out Coupe
  9. Have you ever...

    • Not killed someone. Just hurt them really, really bad
    • Danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
    • Tried to introduce a little anarchy to upset the established order
    • Inflicted a day so bad on someone, it would reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy
  10. Who would you rather have play you in a biopic?

    • Mark Hamill
    • Jack Nicholson
    • Jared Leto
    • Heath Ledger
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