Which Superhero are you?

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Are you Spider-man or Captain America? Answer these 10 questions to find out who your inner superhero is!

  1. Your arch nemesis leaves clues at a crime scene, you:

    • Ignore it.
    • Try to find out what they mean.
    • Wonder if they left it there on purpose.
    • See if there are anymore clues.
  2. Nothing is happening, do you:

    • Go looking for a crime to fight.
    • Wait for the criminals to come to you.
    • Predict your nemesis' next move.
    • Stay home.
  3. Your arch nemesis captures your friend, do you:

    • Try to think of the safest response.
    • Ask him what he wants in exchange for them.
    • Kill him.
    • Attack him with rage.
  4. A close friend of yours dies, do you:

    • Take your anger out on criminals.
    • Take time off to mourn over your loss.
    • Get back into saving the world.
  5. Your enemy is robbing a bank not far from you, do you:

    • Follow him and see where he goes.
    • Ambush him as he leaves.
    • Swoop in and save the day.
    • Leave it to the officials.
  6. The mayor throws a party in your name for saving the city, what do you do?

    • Arrive fashionably late.
    • Have a drink or two then leave.
    • Skip the event.
    • Go and party hard.
  7. You find out that there are other supers like you in your city, do you:

    • Become friends with them.
    • Ignore them and keep working alone.
    • Create an alliance.
    • Convince one of them to be your sidekick.
  8. Where would your secret base be hidden?

    • Inside your garage.
    • Underground.
    • In an abandoned building.
    • In plain sight.
  9. Strength or skill, which do you value more?

    • Strength.
    • Skill.
    • Can't choose. They are both great advantages.
  10. What would the color of your costume be?

    • Black.
    • Other.
    • Blue.
    • Red.
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