Which Orange is the new Black inmate are you?

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Take this OITNB personality quiz to find out which inmate you are!

  1. What are you most afraid of?

    • Nothing.
    • Being left behind.
    • Falling in love with the wrong person.
    • Your parents.
    • Your past.
    • Not being yourself.
  2. What kind of business would you open up if you had the chance?

    • A smoke shop.
    • An art gallery.
    • A salon.
    • A party planning service.
    • A restaurant.
    • A library.
  3. The Litchfield "feral chicken" is:

    • Real!
    • A chicken that needs to be captured for the good of humanity.
    • I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. How do you feel about rules?

    • Don't really care.
    • Depends. Some I'll follow, some I'll break.
    • Rules are made to be broken.
    • I follow the rules sometimes.
    • I follow the rules all the time.
    • Rules? More like Guidelines.
  5. Your reaction to being put in solitary confinement would be:

    • "Oh well..."
    • "Awesome! I finally get some alone time."
    • "I'm going to be be SO bored."
    • "At least I'll be safe from everyone else."
    • " This is an outrage! This is a bunch of bull!"
    • Quiet and sad.
  6. Your friends would say that you are:

    • A leader.
    • A badass.
    • Caring.
    • Super chill.
    • A people person.
    • Protective.
  7. What is one thing that you can't live without?

    • Money.
    • Other.
    • Hair products and tools.
    • Love.
    • Food.
    • Books.
  8. During your free time you like to:

    • Cook.
    • Go on an adventure.
    • Stay home.
    • Read.
    • Hangout with friends.
    • Spend time with your family.
  9. Which part in a Broadway production would you want to be:

    • The director.
    • The stylist.
    • The supporting actor.
    • The lead actor.
    • The set designer.
    • Uh, I'm too cool for musical and plays.
  10. What is most important to you?

    • Other.
    • Looking and feeling good.
    • Family.
    • Being in charge.
    • Living life to the fullest.
    • Not getting caught.
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