Which Marvel Team Do You Belong To?

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Which faction should you be in? Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four or Sinister Six?

  1. What would be your reason for joining a team?

    • To fight the battles that no one person can do.
    • To destroy everyone in our path!
    • I didn't exactly join, it kinda just happened out of necessity.
    • To learn to control and enhance my powers with others.
  2. If someone on your team was killed what would your reaction be?

    • Get angry and pontentially seek revenge.
    • Avenge them!
    • It's basically a death in the family, I'm crushed.
    • I don't really care, there's always someone else we can recruit.
  3. A new recruit wants to join, what do you say?

    • We'd have to kick someone else out, so they'd have to be good!
    • If they offer something new and useful to the group and can prove themselves, they're in.
    • Not really sure about this. It's always just been us.
    • Come on in, there's always room for another.
  4. What's your play in the middle of a battle?

    • Just use our powers and get s**t done!
    • Just destroy everything! If people die, so be it.
    • We use our brains, we can't be diving in head first without a plan.
    • Buddy up! there're always good superhero combos to be had.
  5. Spider-Man wants to join, what d'ya say?

    • Only if one of us dies.
    • HELL NO!
    • Sorry kid, maybe in a few years.
    • hmmmm, he's just a kid, we'll give him a trial run and see how it goes.
  6. What brought your team together in the first place?

    • Hatred for a certain person.
    • An accident.
    • Someone saw potential in us as a team.
    • Our unique powers and abilities.
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