What Job is a Perfect Fit?

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Basically the job that is like Cinderella's shoe, only for you!

  1. Do you crave attention (basically the spotlight)?

    • ummmmmm (runs and hides in the corner)
    • do unicorns have horns (who really knows)
    • nope
    • always has it, even though they do nothing
    • limelight, nah (secretly wants it)
    • doesn't want it but smiles when has it
    • Duh! I am the star of the room, role out the red carpet
  2. How do you feel about people?

    • if they listen
    • I can be around them
    • yass love them, because who doesn't love company
    • They're okay, at a distance
    • ima do me, they can do them
    • As long as they're not killing people
    • nooooooooo
  3. Favorite color (I know, but must be done)?

    • Green
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Fucking rainbow
    • orange
  4. best movie (from list)

    • Bad Teacher
    • Frozen
    • Patch Adams
    • Harry Potter
    • Avengers
    • Green Mile
    • The Notebook
  5. Intelligence (Yes some jobs require some knowledge)

    • always hitting the books
    • nah but I'm funny
    • not dumb just not motivated
    • free spirit
    • average
    • Hell yah im smart
    • more than average
  6. Can you handle gross things?

    • mostly
    • not really
    • nooo
    • Yes
    • probably
    • yes...
    • ugh only if necessary
  7. Do feelings of others have an effect on you?

    • nope my life do not care
    • In some ways
    • only if they complain to my boss
    • only if related to what I'm working on
    • Yes
    • only if i am responsible for them
    • no
  8. Do you find skydiving fun or stupid?

    • nope, what if my face got cut
    • woooo yasssss
    • puts lives in danger nope
    • Ground is where I like to keep my feet
    • fun
    • fun until hurt
    • probably fun if I ever got to go
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