From the Batarang to the Grappling Gun: Which Gadget on Batman's Utility Belt Are You?

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Find out which tool you are from Batman's Utility Belt!

  1. How do you feel about politics?

    • I am definitely a Republican!
    • I honestly don't care.
    • No comment...
    • I am definitely a Democrat!
    • I HATE politics.
  2. Which member of the Bat family are you?

    • Nightwing
    • Robin
    • Batman
    • Red Hood
    • Batgirl
  3. You are surrounded, what do you do?

    • Run away scared!
    • Join their side, who doesn't love a little change?
    • Beat them all up!
    • Call Superman!
    • Retreat, then surprise attack!
  4. Where do you want to live?

    • The city
    • Underwater.
    • Anywhere, as long as I am alone.
    • In a log cabin somewhere on a mountain.
    • Out in the country.
  5. Who is your favorite Avenger?

    • Iron Man
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Black Widow
    • Captain America
  6. Favorite ice cream flavor?

    • Cookie Dough
    • I don't eat ice cream.
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Rocky Road
  7. What is you favorite color?

    • Green
    • Other
    • Red
    • Black
    • Blue
  8. Finally, if you had powers, would you be a hero or a villain

    • A little bit of both.
    • Who needs powers?
    • I am too lazy!
    • I am definitely a hero!
    • Probably a villain!
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