Are you more like the Joker or Batman?

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Superhero or super villain? Find out now!

  1. What's most important to you?

    • JUSTICE.
    • MAYHEM.
  2. Alright, final question. What do you think you will get?

    • Is that really a question?
    • Is that really a question?
  3. What makes you laugh?

    • HA HA HA!!!!....what was the question again?
    • Nothing makes me laugh.
  4. If somebody slips and falls, what do you do?

    • I help them up and then disappear into the night, like anybody else would do.
    • Laugh and push them down again.
  5. What's your favorite color?

    • It's a toss-up between green and purple, but I do like seeing red every now and then too....ah, the memories.
    • Black. Black like the darkness of my life.
  6. What's your favorite card in the deck?

    • Whichever card I need to avenge my parents' murders.
    • Ha! Is that really even a question????
  7. Alright, alright. How about your favorite chess piece?

    • Do you seriously think I have the patience for a game of chess?
    • The knight. More specifically, the dark knight. It has -mysterious sigh-....meaning to me.....
  8. God, you are both just so weird. Okay, love lives. Which best describes your love life?

    • Harley's my favorite tool in the box. Of course, sometimes even your favorite tool isn't useful anymore and you just have to toss it to the side...or throw acid in its face.
    • It's complicated, to say the least. But I will say, once you go Bat, you never go back....usually.
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