When Will You Die In A Slasher Film?

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It's just a night with your friends, until something goes wrong...

A quiz that tells you(based on you and your friend group) what place you come in on the death chart in your own "slasher" movie.

7 results, good luck!

  1. Around late October, what would you be doing?

    • Picking out my costume
    • Picking apples
    • Taking People to Haunted Houses
    • Getting ready for the next game
    • Carving my Pumpkin
    • Srocking up my booze for a Halloween bash
    • Going to a corn maze
  2. It's Summer! What thing on your Summer Bucketlist would you do first?

    • Drink
    • Beach Day
    • Travel
    • Tan
    • Go up north
    • Have a nice night with my girl
    • Skinny Dip
  3. Why would someone kill you?

    • Accidentaly embarassed them
    • My relatives probably hurt them in the past
    • Im a good person, so maybe I got in the way and he/she had no choice but to kill me
    • I was apart of a past event that hurt them
    • Stole something valuable of theirs
    • I beat him/her up
    • Was a mean bitch to them
  4. Whats your ideal night with your friend group?

    • Girls night! Clubbin downtown
    • Frat Party!
    • Girls night! Netflix and Ice cream it is
    • Bonfire with booze
    • Going to a House Party
    • Concert! Preferably a Dj
    • Camping trip!
  5. Out of these choices, which would you be for Halloween?

    • a Cowboy
    • a Cop
    • a Zombie
    • a Bad Witch
    • a Vampire
    • a Kitty Cat
    • a Sexy Teacher
  6. What's your drink of choice?

    • Rasberry Vodka
    • Shots of Cuervo
    • Im the Designated Driver
    • Jungle juice!
    • Mikes hard
    • Beer from a keg
    • Canned Beer
  7. What's your best feature?

    • My Hair
    • My Face
    • My Sense of humor
    • My Eyes
    • My Muscles
    • My Body
    • My Legs
  8. What would scare you the most?

    • Getting in an Accident
    • Home Invasion
    • Getting your head shaved
    • When A Killer is on the loose
    • Sharp Weapons
    • Being Stalked in a Woods
    • Being kicked in the balls so hard you barf
  9. Which Slasher scares you the most?

    • Leatherface
    • Ghostface
    • Pinhead
    • Michael Meyers
    • Chucky
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Freddy Krueger
  10. A Killer is on the loose, but there is a banger at your best friends house tonight, What do you do?

    • Go to It: a Killer won't be able to stop our party from happening?!
    • Go to it: But Im staying sober, who knows what could happen
    • Go to it: What are the odds of a killer coming to a party?
    • Go to it: Who cares, the cops will stop him
    • Go to it: A killer cant kill a house full of people without being caught
    • Go to it: A room full of people is a good idea because if one is harmed, the killer will be found out
    • Go to it: But leave early
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