Which CW Superhero are you?

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Are you the brooding Oliver Queen or the split-personality Firestorm? Find out here!

  1. Let's start off easy, how do you feel about powers?

    • Who needs powers? Money is all you need!
    • They're pretty fun to play with, but you have to be careful.
    • Seems like they could do good, I got to get me some better stuff!
    • They're awesome! But only in the right hands.
    • I'm wary of them, doesn't seem like they are very stable a lot of the time.
  2. What kind of origin story would you want?

    • A bloody one, consisting of years of training and lots of pain and loss.
    • One brought about from tragedy.
    • A simple one, involving lots of money.
    • A mysterious one.
    • One brought about by luck, or something else entirely.
  3. What would your ordinary job be?

    • Billionaire!
    • Scientist!
    • Maybe a professor... Maybe a scientist...
    • Mega-Billionaire!
    • Lawyer!
  4. Could you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?

    • Yes, but I would do it with a heavy heart.
    • I will try not to go, but if I must.
    • Yes. Immediately and without question.
    • Maybe not, probably buy my way out of it.
    • I would surrender myself, but what about the rest of me?
  5. How do you feel about teams?

    • I'm my own team.
    • Couldn't do it without them.
    • They've always got my back, or are trying to stab me in it.
    • They won't leave me alone, so I'm stuck with them.
    • I could buy my own team if I wanted.
  6. Could your team handle things if you left?

    • They do. Frequently.
    • They'll have to now...
    • What team?
    • Possibly, but not right now.
    • I doubt it.
  7. What do you do in your free time?

    • Brood.
    • Dream about my step sister.
    • Whatever I want, I'm a hero.
    • Dream about not being a hero.
    • Dream about revenge.
  8. Which Justice League member are you most like?

    • Flash...
    • Iron Man... oh wait... wrong team?
    • Batman
    • Wonder Woman
    • Is there an opposite to Aquaman?
  9. How's the parents?

    • What parents?
    • Who cares? I can buy new ones!
    • Which parents?
    • I don't want to talk about it...
    • I will have revenge!
  10. Finally, would you ever team up with a villain?

    • Maybe... if it came to it
    • Doubt it.
    • Unortunately, but I would keep a close eye on them
    • I don't really have any villains yet... come back to me later.
    • Never.
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