Which upcoming artist should you look for?

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Want to be one of the first to listen to something new and great before everyone else knows them?

  1. Of these, which sound is your favorite?

    • Pitch Perfect
    • The Beatles
    • Fall Out Boy
  2. What's your favorite stage/music video move?

    • Obviously the Splits!
    • Cloning yourself, duh
    • Simply Jamming Out
  3. Which is most like your style?

    • casual clothes
    • vest and dress shirt
    • Leather jacket
  4. What movies/shows do you prefer?

    • Friends
    • College Musical
    • That 70's Show
    • Cinderella-like movies
    • How to Rock
    • Vlogs
  5. Who has the best fan group name?

    • Samily (Let's all be a family, right?)
    • Indigo Army (All about chasing your own dreams)
    • Schneider Monkeys (Who doesn't love monkeys and having some fun?)
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