What do you know about the upcoming releases?

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The summer season is almost ending, we got some blockbusters & some misfires, yet their are 5 more months to go! Lets analyze how much do you know about the releases of August!

  1. One of the leads of the upcoming The Man from U.N.C.L.E. played a superhero recently, BUT without a cape!!

    • Armie Hammer
    • Henry Cavill
  2. Scott Derrickson, the director of the previous installment recently directed another underrated horror film

    • Devil's Knot
    • Deliver Us from Evil
  3. Max Landis, the awesome writer of American Ultra also wrote a superhero movie, which one is it?

    • Chronicle
    • Kick Ass
  4. An actor in the upcoming Agent 47 film starred as a very popular antagonist in a superhero drama?

    • No Ordinary Family
    • Heroes
  5. A new entry into the Vacation series opens this weekend, who played the lead in the original series (Hint: He has a cameo in this one..duh)

    • Chevy Chase
    • Michael Douglas
  6. Jamie Bell is the new Thing! Which played the same character in the last decade?

    • Michael Chiklis
    • Michael Pena
  7. The fifth Mission: Impossible is coming this weekend, the series is always filled with some pretty cool stunts! There was a another intense plane moment in a previous film, which one was it?

    • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
    • Mission: Impossible 3
  8. The director of the upcoming comedy 'Masterminds' - Jared Hess has another cult comedy to his name?

    • Napoleon Dynamite
    • Summer Camp
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